6 Great Nonprofit Social Media Accounts

May 25, 2020 | Social Media

Olivia Warnes

by Olivia Warnes

6 nonprofit social media accounts you should be following, and how you can improve your own.

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More and more nonprofits are utilising social media to gain supporters and share their message. These profiles are on top of their game when it comes to social media marketing, raking in likes and followers. They’re also really interesting, so you should definitely be following them to boost your news feed.

Plus, despite (mostly) being big name nonprofits, each profile teaches something that you can use to improve your own profile.

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6. truth

truth (@truthorange) has 127k followers on twitter, but due to their efficient use of hashtags, their reach is much wider than that. The nonprofit, aimed at eliminating smoking in young people, created the hashtag #bigtobaccobelike, to highlight the evils of the tobacco industry and how it exploits people.

While some of their other points have sparked controversy, truths condemning of the tobacco industry is hard to argue with. Their twitter is definitely worth a follow if you’re interested in some well-formed debate that has drawn opinions from across twitter.

Consider how you could use hashtags to reach a wider audience and spread your key message.


5. To Write Love on Her Arms

While not quite sharing the massive popularity of NatGeo, twloha still has a following to be proud of with 200k followers on Instagram and 280k on Twitter (and that’s always on the rise.) There’s a lot twloha does well, their social media accounts are aesthetically pleasing and extremely motivational, connecting really well with their target audience.

Their mission is to present hope to young people who may be struggling with depression, addiction, self-injury and suicide. Even if you’re not in their target demographic, twloha is still worth a follow, as their understanding of mental health struggles, and encouraging content, is valuable to everyone!

Let twloha’s success inspire you to find ways to connect with your target audience and spread a message of hope!

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4. 501st Legion

501st legion is a group of people whose love for Star Wars cosplay led them into the world of volunteering and charity work. Labelling themselves ‘the bad guys who do good’, they’ve now accumulated 105k twitter followers, as well as 198,000 hours of volunteer work and $800,000 dollars donated to charities and nonprofits.

Their social media success, which has seen them spread across the globe, can be attributed both to their unique image, the popularity of Star Wars and funny posts. 501st Legion don’t take themselves too seriously.

Explore the possibility of a humorous campaign for your nonprofit. Even if your nonprofit doesn’t lend itself to humour as easily, you can still create a funny and effective campaign like these 6 nonprofits.


3. National Geographic

National Geographic is an absolute juggernaut of the nonprofit social media world, topping the nonprofit social media rankings with 114 million following their instagram and over 45 million likes on Facebook!

It’s easy to see why their Instagram is so popular, featuring stunning pictures of people, animals and landscapes from around the world, it really takes your breath away! Their success highlights the importance of using quality, aesthetically pleasing photographs on your own nonprofits social media account.

2. The Humane Society

The Humane Society is the most effective animal protection organisation in the USA and has 346k followers on Instagram. A scroll through their Instagram is always tear-jerking, as the Humane Society use their platform to bring attention to, and campaign against instances of animal abuse that they uncover.

While sad, this is really effective in getting donations, and getting their supporters to rally behind a campaign. They get this message across using short videos and gifs, which are hard-hitting and make it easy for supporters to share the message (e.g. on their own Instagram story.)

Humane Society also shares tips and information on how to better take care of our animal friends, for example, signs of heatstroke in dogs and cats and how to help local shelters.

Try to implement shareable gifs on your social media profile, and think about what tips you could share with your supporters to help them do more for your cause without donating.


1. WWF

WWF is another big scorer when it comes to followers, with 2.7 million on Instagram and almost 4 million on Twitter. Like NatGeo, WWF owes a lot of its success to the amazing animal photography it posts, but there’s more to it than that. WWF often shares conservation news both the good and the bad, this sparks emotion and motivates supporters to get involved and donate.

WWF is also great at producing relevant content in relation to current events that engage their followers, from a poll on world chocolate day to sharing facts via emojis for world emoji day. Follows WWF’s lead and try to post relevant content all year round, as well as sharing good and bad news so your supporters understand your cause and work.

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Want to improve your social media presence?

The nonprofits in this article have mastered the art of social media marketing. If you’re looking to improve the social media accounts of your nonprofit, and improve your online marketing campaign, then book a free consultation with Twenti!

Our blog is also full of information on how to make the most out of social media and get your nonprofit noticed. Check out our ultimate guide to social media for nonprofits.

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