How To Apply

Here’s a step-by-step process for how to apply for the Google Ad Grants with Twenti. We’ll guide you through the application process, setup your account and manage it for you – all for free.

Google Ad Grant Application Process

Click through the following steps to uncover how you can access over £8,000/month of free advertising credit to increase awareness for your cause. Just note this process is tailored towards UK based charities or non-profit organisations, so the details may differ slightly depending on your location. You can also join our email series to be guided through the process.

Step 1

Google For Nonprofits Account
To receive the Ad Grants, you’ll need a Google For Nonprofits account.

Step 2

Ad Grants Part 1: Pre-qualification
Complete a short survey to verify your charity status and watch a training video.

Step 3

Conversion Tracking
Set up goals to track the performance of your website and ad campaigns.

Step 4

Twenti Survey
Take a short questionnaire so we can create more effective ad campaigns.

Step 5

Ad Grants Part 2: Account Creation
Complete your Google Ads account and associate it with your organisation.

Step 6

Ad Grant Account Management
Monitor your ads over time to optimise performance.

£8,000/month of free ad credit?

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