We Help Nonprofits Grow

We help nonprofits increase donations and volunteers by leveraging digital marketing and the Google Ad Grants. It’s not easy – there are so many moving parts to digital marketing and each nonprofit is different – that’s why you need a tailored, all-in-one solution.  Only then are you able to evaluate all possible options and choose the most-effective tools for your nonprofit. The quality of your website plays a huge role in your Google ad rankings and by optimising all ranking factors with detailed analytics you can maximise the grants’ effectiveness. That’s why you should choose Twenti.

Why Twenti?

What makes Twenti different to its competitors and alternative solutions.

All-In-One Solution

There are so many confusing elements to digital marketing; it’s easy to focus on technical details and lose track of the big picture.

With our all-in-one solution and high-level approach, we’re always focused on the end goal and are best positioned to combine all the elements to deliver your ideal solution.

We believe that building a successful nonprofit starts by building a successful online presence. This requires a streamlined approach that combines a clear digital strategy, intuitive responsive design, real-time analytics, fast, secure hosting, reliable support and regular Google Ad Grant management.


Our fully-customisable digital marketing solutions and website templates are quick and easy to adapt for your nonprofit, so you can focus your valuable time and energy on achieving your mission.

We’ve spent countless hours researching strategies, solutions and hosting options to take the hassle out of web design whilst delivering the professional service and features you need. All you need to do is sign up!

Sustainable and Eco-Friendly

We believe that we need to do our part for climate change so we:

  • Use 100% green and animal-free energy with Ecotricity to power our servers
  • Plant a tree for every website, every year with One Tree Planted
  • Use paperless communication only

Learn more about our environmental policy here

Tailored and Customised Approach

Every nonprofit is different and that’s why we take time to learn about your mission to create high-converting websites that excite your supporters and drive donations for your unique nonprofit.

If you’re not the right fit for our service, we’ll help guide you to the right solution.


The single biggest problem with nonprofit websites is that they focus entirely on creating a nice design whilst failing to consider the mission it’s designed for!

This website orientated approach results in a beautiful but ineffective website that adds no value to your nonprofit.

This is why our first focus is always your nonprofit’s goals and strategy, so that our websites actually deliver results. Our websites are designed to encourage more donations and engage more supporters, as well as looking great. 

Accessible and Scalable Plans

Your nonprofit’s valuable resources can’t be spent on unnecessary extras, especially if you are just starting up, so our plans are always adaptable. They start small and grow with your nonprofit. You’ll only pay for what you need, when you need it. 

Real-Time Data and Analytics

Whether you’re just starting out or an established nonprofit the key to growth is understanding your supporters. We help you eliminate the guesswork with data-driven reports on your website and digital strategy which provide clear, actionable insights. 

We favour a scientific approach which is why our templates come with incredible real-time analytical tools so you can test hypotheses quickly and adapt to maximise growth.

We regularly review Google ads to ensure you continually meet the eligibility criteria, improve conversions and capitalise on new opportunities.

Intuitive Design Interface

Starting or running a nonprofit is hectic, that’s why we’ve worked hard to provide an intuitive solution that takes the hassle out of web design whilst delivering the professional service and features you need. Our drag and drop interface is super easy to use, and our team will always be there to help you, too. 

Our Core Benefits

What sets us apart from the competition and is at the centre of all our services.


We listen to you to provide a strategy which fits with your goals and expertise.


With a wide range of services, we provide exactly what you need when you need it. 



Using a high-level approach we align all our services with your nonprofit’s goals.

£8,000/month of free ad credit?

We help nonprofits increase online donations.
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We help nonprofits increase online donations.
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