Know Your Supporters

The key to growth is understanding your supporters – eliminate the guess work with actionable insights to start making data-driven decisions that grow your charity.

Website Analytics

Nonprofit Custom Dashboard Template

A tailored service to align real-time data with your key performance indicators so you can monitor progress and improve your nonprofit. Using our analytical tools you can collect valuable insights about your donors in order to remove friction, increase conversions and identify opportunities for growth. Our custom dashboards help you monitor how Google Ads are driving donations and volunteer sign-ups – check out our demo report below to get a feel of what can be tracked.

All Analytical Tools

We also offer a number of analytics tools to help you maximise the value of your online presence. If you would like any more information just get in touch or schedule a free consultation

Custom Dashboards

Intuitively dispalyed real-time performance insights.


Google Analytics

Receive real-time insights about your web visits.


Visitor Recordings

Watch real visitors on your site as they navigate across pages.

Referral Lists

Insights into how people arrive at your website.


Visual representations of user clicks, taps and scrolling behaviour.


Incoming Feedback

Receive instant visual feedback on your website.

Conversion Funnels

Find at which step most visitors are leaving your site.

Feedback Polls

Ask visitors time or event based questions.

Bounce Rate

Track web user engagement.


Device List

Discover most common devices and screen resolutions used.


Find out where your users are located.

Form Analysis

Improve online form completion rates.

Session Duration

Discover how long people stay on your website.


Collect deeper insights from your customers.

Recruit Test Users

Recruit users for one-on-one testing and interviews

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