Small changes, big impact.

We use digital marketing and the Google Ad Grants to help nonprofits get found online, engage more supporters and receive more funding to achieve their mission.

About Us

With sustainability at our core and by supporting charities and non-profit organisations we hope to make both the internet and the world a better place.

Our Story

Luke Barratt

Luke Barratt

Many charities struggle to find new supporters despite the fact that they do excellent work.

I started Twenti to help nonprofits solve this problem by using digital marketing effectively to get found online and grow. Our services help small and medium-sized charities spread the word about their cause and receive new supporters on a regular, ongoing basis.

More specifically we specialise in helping non-profit organisations access and maximise the Google Ad Grants, a generous scheme which provides eligible organisations $10,000 of Google search ad credit every month.

On average nonprofits use only $300 or 3% of the monthly credit available but with our detailed analytics and expertise we can greatly increase both the grant utilisation and the associated value for organisations.

We provide complete Ad Grant account setup, monthly management and campaign optimisation requiring minimal input from your end.

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£8,000/month of free ad credit?

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