10 Tips To Improve Your Nonprofit Donation Page

May 15, 2020 | Websites

Olivia Warnes

by Olivia Warnes

Secure more donations with these tips for an effective donation page!

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Turn traffic into donations.

You’re driving lots of traffic to your donation page (especially if you’ve followed our tips) but if the page itself effective your efforts will be wasted and you’ll be losing out on donations.

Your donation page doesn’t need anything fancy, a simple page, that works well, is best.  Keep distractions to a minimum and make the process easy to understand and your donors will thank you for it! This will ensure that you don’t lose any potential donors at the last step, and they aren’t put off of donating again.

In this post, we give you our 10 top tips for a simple and effective donation page, that will help make sure your supporters donate.

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12. Keep to one webpage

There are benefits to both having several small steps for donors to follow, or one longer form. Whichever one you choose however, it needs to be on one webpage.

The extra effort required in pressing onto each new page may put some people off. Also, it isn’t immediately clear to potential donors what information is going to be required of them to make a donation and this may mean they expect it will be a lot and leave the page.

If you’re choosing the several smaller steps option, make sure you display a progress bar so donors know how long the process will take and what will be expected of them at each step.


11. Remove distractions

While we are discussing how to drive traffic to your donation page, it’s also important to keep them on it when they get there. Once a supporter enters the donation process, there should be no temptation to divert elsewhere on your website (or off it!)

Consider removing the navigation bar from the head of the page while they fill out their details, and ensure you don’t have any ads on the page at all.

Any potential distractions will result in you losing donations. They can always browse your website some more once they’ve donated!


10.  Have a fast load time

40% of user say they abandon a site if it hasn’t loaded in 3 seconds, so if your page is slow you could be losing out on 40% of potential donations!

You can improve your load time by upgrading to a fast web host, minimising styles, such as animations, and image size, and by doing away with redirects. For international donors, speed up their load time by using a CDN that distributes your content to servers closer to the website visitor.

If you would like some more advice on getting your website working well, book a free consultation with Twenti!


9. Include option to receive gift aid

This tip doesn’t necessarily make the donation process easier for donors, but it is an easy way for your nonprofit to gain more donations and for donors to make more of a difference.

Gift aid lets nonprofits claim 25p from HMRC per pound on donations made by UK taxpayers. All donors need to do to allow your nonprofit to receive gift aid is to provide basic contact details and confirm they are a UK taxpayer and want your nonprofit to claim some of it back.

For more information check out the governments page on gift aid. UK nonprofits gain £1.1 billion a year in gift aid, don’t miss out on your share.


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8. No sign up or login required

Requiring donors to sign up or login is an extra step that may put them off. It takes more time, makes the process more complicated and implies commitment for those who are only wanting to make a one-time donation.

Maintain contact with donors by giving them the option to receive your emails, not by forcing them to make an account.


7. Ask for as little information as possible

Don’t force donors to give you more information than they are comfortable with, or make them fiddle with extra fields that waste time. With increasing numbers of users donating via mobile devices reducing the information they need to enter is especially important. 

Do away with an email confirmation and title fields, and make sure giving a phone number is an optional field, not compulsory.


6. Use suggested donation amounts

Make things simple for supporters.

Suggested donation amounts mean they don’t have to worry about deciding what is appropriate to donate, you get to tell them what will help you.

As long as you have a range of options within each price range, they’ll be able to select the one right for them.

One study found providing suggested donation amounts increased average donation amounts by 12%! It streamlines the process for the donor and helps you raise more!


5. Include a brief why

While distractions should be kept to a minimum, a brief mission statement needs to be included to give that extra bit of encouragement and remind supporters why they are donating.

This can be done using graphics/counters that show the overall impact your nonprofit has made, for example, a counter of total trees planted.

One effective way of getting this information across is including brief examples of what each amount of money donated can be used for. This helps supporters decide how much to donate, and lets them know the direct impact their money will be making.

WWF shows how this can be done effectively.

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4. Be selective with images

Too many images will be distracting and hinder the viewer from finding the information and buttons they need to follow.

Our advice is to include one powerful image that sums up your nonprofit well and motivates people to donate. Ensure there is still plenty of white space around so that the page is easy to read.


3. Give donors the option to cover payment processing fees

Giving donors the option to pay payment processing fees means that you will increase your overall donation amount received as you will actually be receiving the full donation.

This isn’t a sneaky way to get more money, donors don’t like to think that some of their donation money won’t actually be going to the cause they are donating it for, they want their money to make a difference. An option allowing them to pay a couple more pounds in order to make sure your nonprofit will get the full benefit of the donation will appeal to your donors.

If the option is available, donors choose to cover payment processing fees 55-60% of the time, that would mean more money going to your cause on more than half of donations!


2. Ensure your page is mobile friendly

Over the past year,  mobile donations have increased by 205%, and this is likely to keep rising! You need to make sure your donor page accounts for the growing number of supporters who prefer to donate via their mobile device.

Ensure your donation page (and your whole website) is mobile friendly by resizing pictures and avoiding blocks of text. 51% of those who visit a nonprofit website do so on a mobile device, but if you haven’t taken them into consideration, these visitors won’t be converted into donors.


1. Include trust signals

 Supporters won’t follow through with a donation if they don’t feel sure that your nonprofit is secure and reputable.

Ensure you display SSL badges you have, ideally ones like Norton and McAfee and payment processor trust badges like Visa and Paypal to make it clear that your donation page is safe and secure.

Also, register with Charity Navigator to be able to use their logo on your donation page. This endorsement will show the integrity of your nonprofit.

Social signals can be very useful here too, so try to include some brief comments from other donors, expressing why they donated and if they think their money is being used effectively.

Increase donations with Twenti

There are lots of things you can do to increase donations to your nonprofit besides improving the donation page itself.

Read our blog articles on how to increase donations by expanding your social media marketing or by making sure your website drives traffic to your donation page.

On top of all the helpful resources you can access on our blog, we also offer free consultations to help identify how we could improve your nonprofits digital marketing, just click here to book yours!

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