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Key Benefits:

– Receive a WordPress website template for your charity
– Visualise, interact and edit your new website
– Design using an intuitive, drag and drop web builder
– Watch video guides to get started quickly
– Easy-to-upload to your website host
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Common Questions

Some of the common problems and concerns charities have about website creation.

I have no idea how websites work

No worries! 

Our solutions have been specially designed for their customisability and ease of use, so you can get up and running as fast as possible and with the least amount of effort. What’s more, with walk-through tutorials and a thriving website builder help community you’ll be able to find out the information you need.

I can't code so I can't create a website

Our solutions don’t require any coding what-so-ever (that is unless you want to!). All elements can be edited in a visual editor, using drag and drop – like making changes in a word document.

Creating a website sounds like hard work

This really depends on what kind of website you’re looking for, but it might actually be a lot less than you think.

If you’re looking for a simple website to showcase your mission, you could get a template up and running within a week. If you have a lot of content, or if you want to work hard on perfecting every detail of your website, it can take a lot longer.

My current website 'does the job' - why bother?

A great question and one that really depends on the quality of your current website. In effect, it’s only worth doing if it will deliver additional value to your charity when considering the time and effort involved.

It’s probably worth doing if your current website does not meet the Google Ad Grant eligibility requirements as $10,000/month of free advertising credit provides a compelling reason to update.

Little changes can make a big difference to your ranking in search results, the professional appearance you convey to your supporters and how many new donors you receive so whilst it may seem like a lot of effort, our tools make it quick and easy to create a great looking website.

How do I install your website template?
Are your websites really free?

Almost! We provide everything we can for free, the only thing that you will need to purchase is your domain name (which should cost less than £10/year).

There are three main parts to any website:

1) Domain name

This is the address of your website or the URL (for this website it is You need to purchase and register the domain name for your charity. The good thing is these are very cost-effective and if you already have a website, you have already bought your domain. If you are creating a website for the first time we recommend you register your domain with Google, especially if you’re considering applying for the Google Ad Grants.

2) Website Infrastructure / Template

Now you have a domain name and address you need to have something to put on it! Websites are built on a number of different frameworks and content management systems but we recommend WordPress (it’s the most popular). It allows you to make changes easily and is regularly updated to meet changing security requirements. Once you have a framework it’s usually best to work from a pre-designed template as this saves loads of time designing. We’ve put together a nonprofit website template built using the most popular page builder on WordPress with everything you need to get started. And the best part is we’re giving it away for free to all UK charities registered with the charity commission. 

3) Website Hosting

All websites need to be hosted on website servers to make the content of the website accessible over the internet.  There are many hosting providers and almost all charge a fee for the work involved in monitoring and updating servers. The great thing is our partners Krystal, offer free website hosting for all UK registered charities

So there you have it, our recommended website solution is virtually free. The only thing you’ll have to consider is that you will have to invest time in designing your own website and getting the above solutions set up, because unfortunately we don’t have the resources available to do this for you!

Custom websites are too expensive

That was definitely once the case, but not anymore! The price has decreased dramatically from better technology and website builders which make it easier for the average user to create a website.

With our intuitive website builder and nonprofit template in mind, combined with free charity hosting from our partners Krystal you can create a website for free.

I don't need a website

In today’s digital age, we believe that every nonprofit needs a website and here’s why:

  • No website means losing supporters and donors
  • It’s the future of giving
  • Websites build trust and credibility
    • It shows that your nonprofit is established, well-organised and funded and therefore likely to be reputable
  • Websites are the most effective marketing tool for nonprofits
    • They’re online 24/7 and are extremely cost-effective
  • Websites improve customer service
    • Integrating FAQs, guides and contact forms into your website greatly reduces your time answering queries for supporters
    • Save yourself time and money with better informed supporters
I'm just starting a nonprofit - where do I start?

Excellent news! The first step is usually the hardest, so well done for getting that out of the way.

There is a lot involved with starting a nonprofit and sometimes it can be incredibly lonely and frustrating – don’t worry though, you’ll get there in the end. The best thing to do to get started is check out our guide for starting a charity.  Once you’re on your way sign up to receive our nonprofit website template, create an account with Krystal and start applying for the Google Ad Grants. 

USD worth of monthly Google ad credit to increase donations.

Organisations are already benefiting from the Google Ad Grants.

We help nonprofits increase awareness online.
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We help nonprofits increase awareness online.
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